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NE Regional 8 Year Old Tournament Rules

Revised and effective January 2019

Minimum Roster Size of 12 Players, Maximum of 15 Players

Age Determination:  All players must be age level 8 year old according to 2018 Birth Chart on page 8 of the 2018 Babe Ruth Leagues Rule Book and be a rostered player on a local league team.

  • Pitching:
    • Kid Pitch.  One pitch in an inning equals one inning.  No thirds of an inning allowed.
    • Pitching distance 46 feet
    • NoteBabe Ruth Leagues Rule Book, page 27 Rule 4.a
      • A League Age 7-8 – No pitcher is allowed to pitch in more than two innings per game, with a pitcher not being permitted to pitch in more than three (3) consecutive days/games (including double headers if applicable).  If a pitcher pitches in 3 consecutive days/games (6 innings max), the pitcher is required a day’s rest.  The two innings per game would reset after a day’s rest.
      • Clarification of 8 Year Old Pitching Rule:  Our pitching rule as written in the 2018 NE Regional 8 Year Old Tournament Rules did not clarify limitations regarding doubleheaders for innings pitched per game, only for consecutive games pitched.  After discussions between the NE Region Rules Committee members we are amending the 2 innings maximum per game to include doubleheaders played on the same day.  Therefore, a pitcher can pitch 2 innings per game of a doubleheader played on the same day equaling a total of 4 innings for a doubleheader.
  • 9 man defensive line up
  • Walks will be called but will be capped at a maximum of 4 per inning, per pitcher.  If a pitcher walks four batters in the same inning he must be removed as a pitcher for the remainder of that inning but he can re-enter as a pitcher in later innings if he has not been removed by rule (2nd trip to the mound in same inning or has reached the maximum innings pitched per day/game).
  • No intentional walks
  • A Hit Batsman is not considered a walk
  • Continuous Batting  Order
  • Time Limit – No new inning starting after two and a half hours from the time of first pitch of the game.
  • 6 Innings with 10 Run Rule in effect
  • Maximum of 5 Runs per inning for innings 1 through 5.  The 6th inning is an all you can get inning.
  • No Infield Fly Rule
  • Bunting allowed but No Slash Bunting.
  • Stealing is allowed but is limited to one base per play, no early leaves – see Rule Book!  If runners are on 1st or 2nd base they are allowed to steal one base – if an attempt is made by the catcher to throw a runner out either at 2nd  or 3rd runners are not allowed to advance further on an overthrow to either base.  If there are runners on 3rd and 1st, only 1st base runner can attempt to steal and the runner on 3rd remains locked down on an attempted throw down to 2nd by catcher.
  • On catcher throw back to pitcher, with men on either 1st or 2nd  and no one on 3rd, the ball is live and runners may advance at their own risk.  If there is a runner on 3rd he is still locked down on an overthrow to pitcher from catcher so a runner from 2nd cannot advance.
  • No stealing home on passed ball.  (Locked down)
  • Free Substitutions
  • When a ball hit to the outfield is returned to the infield, and infielder has possession, runners can no longer advance without peril.  If in the umpire’s judgement a runner is more than halfway to the next base that runner can continue to the next base at his/her own peril but if in the umpires judgement the runner is less than halfway the runner must go back to nearest base.
  • Coaches will be in full uniforms including team affiliation and unique identifying numbers and have the Cal Ripken Division shoulder patch or uniform cap with the Cal Ripken Division emblem affixed to it.
  • Four adult Coaches will be allowed on each team.
  • Two Umpires per game
  • Each team supplies two (2) baseballs per game and one (1) umpire fee (fee to be determined prior to tournament).

Awards will be given to the Champion and Runner Up teams.